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“Casa Mora feels like home to me. I have been here for almost seven years and Casa Mora is my family.”
-James M., Resident Council President

“When I came to Casa Mora four weeks ago after having a stroke, I was not able to walk or lift my right arm. Today, I can walk the building without a cane and lift my arm above my head. What a great rehab team.”
-Steven O., rehab resident

“My stay at Casa Mora was wonderful. The therapy I got was great as well as the staff. You have a lot of wonderful people that work here. Thanks again.”
-Claire E., short-term rehab resident

“I came here in January, 2010, after having a double stroke. I am now walking and have most of the use of my left arm. Nursing staff and rehab team are the best.”
-Mr. H., rehab patient

“My mom came here a month ago and I see an improvement already. She is very happy here and I feel confident that she is getting the care she needs. The staff treat her with love and care.”
-Ron G., son of resident

“My mom has been here 1-1/2 years. I feel that the entire staff truly cares and the facility is the most home-like facility for my mom to be in.”
-Rick B., son of resident

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